About the Nevis Turtle Group

The mission of the Nevis Turtle Group is to develop a Sea Turtle Conservation Program for Nevis that will involve local communities, and ensure that sea turtles will be there for the use of present and future generations.

Due to a concern that little was being done to collect information about sea turtles in Nevis, Lemuel Pemberton (pictured below) began the fist sea turtle nesting beach monitoring program in 2002. At that time, Mr. Pemberton was only able to conduct daytime surveys. Within a year's time, Mr. Pemberton, now the President of the Nevis Turtle Group (NTG) was able to gather together a number of concerned volunteers to help in an island-wide monitoring project. Since the beginning of the 2003 nesting season volunteers have been involved in night and morning surveys of beaches to identify nests and monitor their progress.