Steps You Can Take to Protect Sea Turtles:

Respect the turtles’ space: Do not touch turtles on land or at sea; do not approach nesting turtles, especially with lights.

Keep the beach and ocean clean: Litter can injure turtles foraging at sea or nesting on land.

Stay on the road: Driving on the beach may compact the sand above nests, killing entire clutches or trapping hatchling underground.

Never purchase sea turtle products: This includes turtle meat, jewelry or leather, or imitation turtle products that fuel the market for sea turtle products.

Safeguard natural vegetation: The root systems of beach plants protect nest from storms and erosion. The vegetation provides sheltered nesting habitat for hawksbills.

Redirect or turn off beachfront lighting: Lights confuse both adult and hatchling turtles, leading them inland instead of to the sea. Most of these will die.

Check fishing nets regularly and use TEDS: This helps to avoid drowning sea turtles while fishing. Ask the Ministry of Fisheries about using Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDS) on trawls and turtle safe hooks on longlines.

Keep pet dogs on a leash during beach walks: Dogs can dig up and destroy significant numbers of turtle nests, and also each emerging hatchlings.

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