The Nevis Turtle group selected a number of students and young adults to assist in the monitoring of the sea turtle nesting beaches of Nevis in 2010. These persons are Jevaunito Huggins, Rikesia Huggins, Jaleel Huggins and Dillon Mills.

They have been involved with the monitoring programme for a number of years starting from 2006. It would have been very difficult to achieve the level of monitoring that has been achieved so far without their efforts. Apart from Friday nights they join beach patrols on other week nights and in the early morning.

Additionally, one student from the Charlestown Secondary School has joined the beach patrol team along with an older sister. He intends to submit a report on the monitoring process as part of his School Based Assessment that would go toward his final grade for Social Studies in regards to the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) exams. These persons are Steadroy and Vincia Sturge.

The result has been that this is the largest number of new turtles tagged on the island since 2006 and the sea turtle monitoring efforts getting more publicity as the volunteers post pictures of themselves on the social network Facebook tagging turtles and rescuing hatchlings.

Group of young people with hawksbill







Left to right: Dillon, Steadroy and Jevaunito with debutante green nester

Vincia and Dillon with rescued hawksbill hatchlings

Steadroy holding hawksbill for measurement after it was tagged